George Nelson Grandfather Clock for Howard Miller

A nice rethinking of an old school Classic; the grandfather clock by George Nelson for Howard Miller. George Nelson (1908-1986) was, together with Charles & Ray Eames, one of the founding fathers of American modernism. Nelson studied Architecture at Yale University, where he graduated in 1928. He also received a bachelor degree in Fine Arts in 1931. A year later while preparing for the Paris Prize competition he won the Rome prize. With Eliot Noyes, Charles Eames and Walter B. Ford. George Nelson associates created the first clocks for Howard Miller in 1947. It is estimated that there are over 150 designs. The first creation was “Clock 4755” (Ball Clock). All clocks were electrical. Electrical wall clocks were available with a cord & plug or as a “Chronopak” which mounted in a standard outlet box. Howard Miller discontinued the line in the 1980s. Nelson only created a few pendulum driven grandfather clocks.
16”w x 9”d x 68”h